Another Problem With Email

02 May 2016
1 minute read

Many people complain about too many email reminders being irritating and unhelpful. Email is the classic mode of communicating tasks because messages are discrete and are easily tagged with various flags. These individuals complain about how repeated emails only serve to aggravate and do not actually increase motivation towards performing the task… Read more

Blogging Really Does Attract Customers

07 Feb 2016
1 minute read

I’ve read several times about how companies start blogs to attract interest in their product. If a company writes good blogs, then it gets attention and receives more awareness about its product. I have been previously skeptical about the true nature of this claim… Read more

The Quantification of College

02 Feb 2016
6 minute read

I recently read an article from the Wall Street Journal. According to their research, for non-STEM fields the prestige of the institution mattered significantly for starting and mid-career salaries. For STEM fields, the prestige did not have so much of an effect on the resulting salaries for graduates… Read more

Real Small Caps on the Web

29 Jan 2016
2 minute read

I’ve read before about the difference between fake and real small caps. Recently, I’ve discovered that I’ve been doing the bad thing all along. For a little bit of background, you can read the rants discussion about small-caps. Essentially, fake small-caps are just a smaller font size of the capital letters. These are bad because they have a much lighter weight than the regular letters, which looks funny… Read more

Free Domains for Us

27 Jan 2016
1 minute read

Apparently, Carnegie Mellon has a lot of IPv4 addresses reserved for them. They have so many, that they give each student a dedicated static IP for all of their devices. I mean, if you have that many IPs, what else are you going to do with them?… Read more

Videos are not Proof

05 Jan 2016
5 minute read

There used to be a time when people considered pictures to be valid evidence of an occurrence. Someone would have doubts, and upon revealing a photo of the described situation, those doubts would be erased. Photoshop has completely eliminated that form of proof. Watching pizza be turned into a model serves as further evidence that photos cannot be trusted… Read more